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O astro de origem zanzibense Freddie Mercury (FOTO: Reprodução)

Um dos maiores fã clubes de Freddie Mercury revelou como os pais do cantor descobriram sobre sua morte prematura em 1991.

O amigo e assistente pessoal de Freddie, Peter Freestone – que se descreveu como o cozinheiro chefe e lavador de garrafas, garçom, mordomo, secretário, faxineiro e ‘tia agonizante’ do artista -, mencionou o motivo pelo qual ele não foi o único a contar aos pais de Freddie Mercury sobre sua morte.

Ele comenta que Mary Austin, antiga parceira de Freddie, era a pessoa óbvia para falar com a mãe e o pai do vocalista do Queen naquela época, pois ela tinha contato constante com eles por cerca de 20 anos.

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Freestone também mencionou o fato de que os pais de Freddie o conheciam “de vista”, então seria mais difícil ouvir essa notícia dele.

Outro amigo do astro, Dave Clark, estava ao lado de sua cama quando ele morreu, mas foi Mary quem ligou para os pais e a irmã de Mercury para dar a notícia.

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Freddie getting the iconic moustache retouched during “Radio GaGa” in 1984❤️. — 👉 Some questions answered by Peter (Phoebe) Freestone. 📌 Did Freddie ever practice Yoga or Meditating? 💬 To my knowledge Freddie wasn’t involved in either practise. I think Freddie’s philosophy was that the more he was able to do, the more relaxed he would be. For Freddie, all the time I knew him, time was a precious commodity that he didn’t have enough of. 📌 Why weren’t you the one who told Freddie’s parents about his passing away? 💬 Mary Austin was the obvious person to talk to Freddie’s mother and father at that time as she had constant contact with them for about 20 years. She was the one who visited them with Freddie and she would talk with them on the phone when Freddie was away for any length of time. While they knew me, I only really spoke to them a few times, so I think it would have been harder to hear that news from me. 📌 Can you talk about Freddie and Ibiza? 💬 Freddie stayed in two different places during his visits to Ibiza in the late 80s. He loved staying at Roger’s villa at the beginning, but then found Pike’s hotel, where he could accommodate more friends on his visits. As usual, when Freddie went on holiday, a large group of friends would also go along. There were a couple of clothes shops in the Old Town that he used to go to and buy shirts for everyone. The big club he would go to on occasion was the Ku Club, where Montserrat and he first performed Barcelona, but he preferred the more anonymous places high in the Old Town, though there was a larger club called Amfora that he used to like. 📌 What about the opening of “It’s A Hard Life”? 💬 When visiting the opera for the first time, Lena heard this music at the start of the opera I Pagliacci and also at the beginning of the aria Vesti la guibba. For Freddie those bars of music really represented the epitome of the operatic tenor as he used to listen to lps of Pavarotti and Domingo. It didn’t matter which tenor he listened to, that aria was always sung, so that is what stuck in his mind. I suppose it could be seen as Freddie’s tribute to opera. —— Credits for all info to Phoebe’s blog.

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